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How fast can I expect to see results?
Most people see results within 2-3 weeks, however, depending on your skin type it may take up to three months to see visible results.

Are KYAM products 100% natural?
Unlike other products, KYAM Luxury Beauty Products are made with 100% natural ingredients derived from nature example curcuma longa extract, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, Korean Angelica root for skin irritation and Glutathione a powerful antioxidant that will protect against visible effect of environmental damages.

Are there any side effects?
If applied correctly, it should not have any side effects, but if any allergies reaction occur please stop using and sick for medical advice.

Is it normal to develop an eruption of acne on the face?
Yes, some people will develop a purging effect that usually clears up within a week. If it persist please stop the Face products as it could be an allergic reaction and seek for medical advice .

What does skin purging look like?
Skin purging typically looks like tiny red bumps on the skin that may or may not be painful to touch.

Does the products work on any type of skin?
KYAM products are made for any types of skin, it should work on any types of skin and have the same effects.

Do the products contain sunscreen?
It is recommended to put on KYAM products and then apply sunscreen as some of our products may not contain SPF.

Do the products remove harsh marks, blemishes, liver spots or stretch marks?
Yes, when using consistently , our products will work on removing skin’s imperfections slowly and surely. Leaving with a repair and beautiful skin tone.

Do the products work in Melasma?
Yes, although the change may take up to one year, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and use extra sunscreen.

How many shade lighter can the products lighten?
Our products brighten the skin and change it to match your scalp skin complexion. The change can be up to 14% lighter thanks to curcuma and glutathione added to our products.

Is it Okay to mix using the products?
KYAM does not recommend to use other lightening brand products with KYAM products . It is not recommended to mix to physically mixed two products in a bottle as it may cause a chemical reaction causing damage to the skin. It is recommended to mix it in palms right before applying.

Can the products be used while pregnant?
Despite being 100% natural, KYAM recommend consulting with a physician prior using any products during pregnancy or nursing.

Can I use KYAM products if I have eczema?
Although our products are 100% natural, it is not recommended to be used on eczema as it is perfumed. Our sensitive skincare kit could be use instead.

Does KYAM products treat acne?
KYAM products does not treat acne but helps with acne as it opens pores, and helps kill bacteria contained in the skin.

Do I need an exfoliate?
Some people may see their skin texture change as pores opened, it is recommended to use our 100% natural exfoliant.

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